Climate Case Ireland

Category: Climate Change

Climate Case Ireland was heard last week before Ireland’s Supreme Court, sitting in the dining hall of the King’s Inns to allow for social distancing.

The case was heard over two days by a 7-judge Court, the composition reserved for cases of particular importance or complexity.

An extraordinary spectacle & not one anyone could have envisaged when the case began in 2017! Nevertheless, a fitting end to an extraordinary case.

Friends of the Irish Environment argued that the Irish government’s adoption of a National Mitigation Plan that allows emissions to rise over the Plan’s lifetime (2017-2022) and c.10% over the period 1990-2020 breaches the Constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights (via the ECHR Act 2003), and the Climate Act 2015. This in circumstances where the State had repeatedly endorsed the IPCC’s advice that emissions reductions of 25-40% would be needed from developed countries between 1990 and 2020 to help avert a dangerous +2C temperature increase.

The rights at issue include the right to life, right to bodily integrity, right to respect for private and family life & home, and the right to an environment consistent with human dignity.

Judgment was reserved and is eagerly awaited. For updates: