Fostering a more ambitious European Climate Law

Category: Climate Change
The adoption of measures and policies under the European Green Deal must in no way be stopped or slowed down by the current health crisis, because the climate crisis has not disappeared, so the recovery from the pandemic must take place at the same time as mitigation of the climate crisis. The Green Deal is also an opportunity for a so-called “green recovery” of the European economy. The European Climate Law and the 2030 Climate target plan under the European Green Deal are only two current processes to reach the climate goals that the EU and its Member States have committed to within the Paris Agreement. The number of initiatives shows that there are still a lot of steps to be taken in order to reach climate neutrality. J&E strongly support these processes, although many issues still need to be tackled in a more efficient and ambitious way.

In a new position paper, J&E summarised different issues to be taken into account when establishing a framework for achieving climate neutrality, especially within the new EU Climate Law.

We strongly urge to address the following key points:

·         Taking biodiversity and animal protection into account;

·         Include a 2030 greenhouse gas reduction goal of at least 55 %, preferably 65 %, compared to 1990 into the European Climate Law;

·         Effective review mechanisms of EU and national policies and regulations, e.g. through strengthening the strategic environmental assessment;

·         Strong monitoring of implementation measures;

·         Public participation in relevant areas;

·         Additional emphasis on production and consumption patterns, transport and financial instruments.

While it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a severe challenge for European solidarity and the economy, we are convinced that it is more important than ever to proceed with climate and environmentally friendly policies which will enable a green recovery. It is now crucial that initiatives to address climate change are not delayed due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Only then will we be able to tackle the main global threat which led the European Parliament to declare a climate and environmental emergency and to align all activities with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 °C target.

Download the position paper HERE.