Time to act for climate justice

Category: Climate Change

Today, the international human rights community and the international environmental community unite in New York city ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit. It is the latest, critical step in broadening the climate-justice movement to include the voices of groups at the forefront of human rights struggles.

The Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights, and Human Survival brings together representatives of indigenous peoples, workers, youth, women, and environmental and human rights groups to unite behind collective goals to advance climate justice. Joined by millions around the world and echoing the calls of UN human-rights institutions, participants are demanding governments and corporations urgently address the climate crisis to ensure human survival.

The impacts of the climate crisis can no longer be ignored. People across every time zone are defending their right to a safe climate and sustainable future. Youth are striking from school. Religious leaders are calling for the protection of our natural world. Cities, states and citizens are suing governments and corporations for (in)action.

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