News from Austria: Otter in Lower Austria

Category: Natura

J&E Austria aka Ökobüro fights for the proper implementation of Natura 2000 rules

Otter in Lower Austria
The regional authority issued a permit to shoot otters, as long as they are outside of the designated Natura 2000 sites. The authority did not see grounds for an assessment of this action under the Habitats Directive. However, it is proven that otters do move across those borders and shooting them right outside does indeed have an impact on the population inside. Even more so, as the animals are sometimes nurturing young ones and go to hunt outside to bring food back in.

Hydropower plant Gurgler Ache in Tyrol
NGO is asking for legal standing in both water management case and nature protection case as some Natura sites are likely to be affected. No assessment was undertaken and even in a screening procedure NGO should have had legal standing.