News from Slovakia: Hydropower plant on river Hron in Iliaš

Category: Natura

J&E Slovakia aka VIA IURIS has been representing several civil associations in the case of the construction of a hydropower plant on river Hron in Iliaš (Central Slovakia). In the EIA process, in the framework of a screening procedure the District office, department of the environment in Banská Bystrica decided that the project of the hydro power plant does not have to be environmentally assessed.

This case falls under old legal regime where environmental impact of the hydro power plants was not obligatorily assessed as it is the case nowadays.

Civil associations legally represented by VIA IURIS brought the case before the regional court in Banská Bystrica that in October 2017 annulled the decision of the district office given that the latter failed to provide reasons in its decision and did not deal with objections of the parties to the proceeding in a sufficient manner.