Air pollution from Spanish coal plants linked to 1,529 premature deaths, an IIDMA study says

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Earlier in March our member from Spain Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Medio Ambiente (IIDMA) presented a report on the impacts of coal. The report shows that reduced use of coal-fired electricity has saved Spain millions of euros. The report pay a lot of attention to health aspects in general and concerning children’s health and finds that Spain’s coal plants are responsible for a total of 20112 asthma symptom days in asthmatic children and 2066 cases of bronchitis.

"Health impacts do not only occur in areas where there are coal-fired power plants, but affect the whole of Spain. However, the most serious impacts can be seen in the Autonomous Communities where they are located or in neighboring regions. The IPCC in its latest report has warned that it is imperative to reduce coal-fired power generation. n order to guarantee the right to health of the entire Spanish population, it is necessary for all coal-fired power plants in Spain to close by 2025, at the latest" said Massimiliano Patierno, environmental engineer at IIDMA, and one of the authors of this report.

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