2 meetings in Brussels

Category: Aarhus

Last week we attended 2 meetings in Brussels

First, on 22 January, a meeting was held with the participation of Milieu Ltd. legal experts and a
few invited NGOs that are active in access to justice matters in the EU Member States or on the EU level. The reason is that the United Nations' special body, the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee found
the EU in breach of the Convention for not guaranteeing access to the EU Courts for environmental
NGOs (Case C/32). The meeting revealed a consensus
among the NGOs most active in this field that the current system of no access to the EU Courts is
clearly against the requirements of the Aarhus Convention.

Then, on 24 January, a workshop on “Environmental governance in EU Member States – assessment framework" was organized by the EUropean Commission DG Environment. The topics of the meeting were: the methodology, structure and the key findings of the draft final report assessing environmental governance in the EU MS; the proposed scoring and rating approach for a selection of questions; the further development of the methodology for future iteration of the environmental governance assessments.