Air pollution in Europe

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There has been a lot of hassle lately about air pollution in EU with 9 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and UK) having trouble staying in the permitted limits of air pollution. The 9 Member States' respective ministers were invited by Mr. Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for the Environment, to Brussels in order to discuss the severe air pollution situations in the respective countries. The next step could be EC filing a lawsuit against the countries.

We follow Hungary's developments in this matter. Hungary's air is one of the most polluted in the Union and the infringement procedure that started approximately 10 years ago has not brought about any significant improvement. The Ministry of Agriculture (de facto Ministry of Environment) issued a statement on the issue:
* listing the actions that the government made in order to improve air quality;
* revealing how much it has spent on different programs, e.g. replacing city buses, subsidizing heat insulation of residential houses, starting a public campaign called Heat smartly! etc.
* saying that Hungary is geographically situated in a basin and its air pollution is partly coming from transboundary sources, which limits Hungary's possibilities to make substantial progress alone without a regional improvement.
* stating that there are 30% more of air pollutants coming into Hungary than leaving the country.

The entire statement available below, in Hungarian: