How people suffer from a lignite power plant

Category: EIA

Following a Bankwatch complaint, the National Environmental Guard informed us that the legal limits for noise and dust are not exceeded in the village of Roşia in Gorj County, despite the fact that the conveyor belts are a few meters away from households. Approved monitoring at the end of last year at
this location determined noise levels ranging from 64.6 to 83.1 decibels, well above the legal limit of 55 decibels.

The limit for particulate matter (PM10) was exceeded in 28 days out of 30 in the Roşia de Jiu village in Gorj county and the PM2.5 in 23 days of 30. The long exposure to these fine powders, which can penetrate into Pulmonary
and in the blood, lead to respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

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