European Commission’s Nature Action Plan calls for determined actions taken by Member States

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The European Commission’s Action Plan for nature, people and the economy adopted last week as a result of the REFIT-process, is a notable step forward in halting the biodiversity loss. It now needs member states to take a key position and actions in many aspects in making the plan a reality.

Justice and Environment particularly welcomes Action Plan’s Priority A and the related activities aiming at „improving guidance and knowledge and ensuring better coherence with broader socioeconomic objectives“. Measures, such as review of guidance documents, awareness raising, sharing best practices, improvement of member states’ authorities’ knowledge, monitoring and public access to data contribute in ending existing malpractices in environmental impact assessments of projects on protected areas detected also by our study of 2016.


Member states have to take decisive action now to ensure the proper implementation of Nature Directives, eg ban projects that could harm the protected area and avoid constraining projects without relevant reason.


Referring to lack of scrutiny over assessment of future developments’ environmental impacts on protected areas, earlier this year Justice and Environment with its partners proposed action points for EC and other stakeholders to improve the situation in member states.


With European Commission making its opening move, we will be following the next steps, including those made on national level.



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