Member States meet the requirements of the TEN-E Regulation only partly

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A new study released by Justice and Environment today highlights that in order to ensure proper implementation of the TEN-E Regulation, particularly the areas of enforcement, clarification of competences and the applicable permitting procedures need further attention at national level.

Justice and Environment study Energy infrastructure projects of common interest (PCI) - national implementation of the EU permitting rules gives an overview on how EU Member States apply the rules of TEN-E Regulation at national level. The study takes a closer look at how permitting procedures and public participation have been set up in five EU member states[1] covered by the study.

Core outcomes of the study include:

-          Effective measures to streamline environmental assessments and to ensure their coherent application on energy infrastructure projects of common interest are lacking.


-          The applied instruments to increase transparency and public participation in PCI permitting procedures show an inadequate design and give rise to doubts as to their practical effectiveness.


-          Lack of proper enforcement mechanisms has been detected regarding the participation instruments.


To evaluate the performance of implementation of TEN-E Regulation in countries, J&E collected data from respective member countries' legal frameworks and public authorities based on a questionnaire covering national legislative and non-legislative solutions for the implementation of the regulation. The study was carried out during January 2016 – January 2017period and is meant to serve as an evidence-based source of information for decision-makers at the EU level during the process of TEN-E mid-term evaluation to be carried out by European Commission in the first half of 2017.


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[1] Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland