Aarhus Convention: Council adopts EU’s position for the forthcoming meeting of the parties

On 17 July 2017, the Council adopted a decision on the position of the European Union at the 6th session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention (MoP-6)... 17-07-2017

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Online survey July 14, 2017 16-07-2017

How people suffer from a lignite power plant

Following a Bankwatch complaint, the National Environmental Guard informed us that the legal limits for noise and dust are not exceeded in the village of Roşia in Gorj... 14-07-2017

Council overrules Commission on environmental convention

In a closed-door meeting Tuesday, EU deputy ambassadors endorsed a U.N. committee’s findings that the EU failed to give sufficient access to justice to citizens and NGOs on... 12-07-2017

UNESCO urges Poland to stop logging ancient forest

UNESCO on 5 July “strongly” urged Poland to stop logging the older parts of the ancient Białowieża forest, a world heritage site that includes some of Europe’s last primeval... 10-07-2017

ECJ gives national parliaments a say in free trade agreements

The European Court of Justice has released an expert opinion on the nature of free trade agreements in EU law 03-07-2017

News from Austria

European Court of Justice finds the Austrian Federal Environmental Liability Act in violation of EU law 30-06-2017


The European Commission suggests not to accept the findings of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee re access to justice at the EU Courts 29-06-2017

Interesting times for PCIs

PCI selection process needs breaking down silos 26-06-2017