It is getting more difficult to work with Poland

Polish officials have dismissed as “politically motivated” an injunction from the EU court ordering an immediate halt to logging activity in the Białowieża forest pending the... 21-08-2017

EU court rules ex-post EIAs can ‘regularise’ projects

Interesting interpretation by the EU Court of a legal instrument originally designed to assess environmental impacts BEFORE a project is completed 18-08-2017

Breaking: The Court of Justice of the EU has issued a ban on logging in Białowieża Forest

The Court of Justice of the EU has issued a ban on logging in Białowieża Forest, saying all chainsaws and harvesters must be stopped immediately. The ruling shows that, in the... 28-07-2017

EU’s top court confirms that all documents held by European Commission fall under access to documents rules

The Court confirmed that the EU institutions should always apply the EU’s access to documents rules to any documents they hold, regardless of the original authors. On the... 27-07-2017

ACER finds a mixed picture in the implementation of Infrastructure Projects of Common Interest

ACER published its third consolidated annual report on the progress of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) in electricity and gas. The report examines how the projects on the... 26-07-2017

Countries defy Commission over access to green justice

EU ministers have thwarted an attempt by the European Commission to dismiss UN claims that the bloc breaches international law by blocking environmental court cases by NGOs... 25-07-2017

Commission forced to disclose company ETS data

The EU Court of Justice has ordered the European Commission to share with glass-maker Saint-Gobain data on EU emission allowances it has kept confidential since 2012. The... 19-07-2017

Climate Justice Denied over Vienna Airport Extension

It would have been a historical ruling in favour of the green future of Europe, and indeed the world. But on July 3, 2017 Austria’s Federal Constitutional Court, the highest... 18-07-2017

Aarhus Convention: Council adopts EU’s position for the forthcoming meeting of the parties

On 17 July 2017, the Council adopted a decision on the position of the European Union at the 6th session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention (MoP-6)... 17-07-2017

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