Environmentalism and democracy on the rise in Albania

Public participation is a prerequisite to functioning democracy. Environmental justice is crucial to sustainable development. But in Albania, a small, southeastern European... 02-08-2018

Hungarian Court rules that lack of information cannot be an obstacle to access to justice

What seems obvious to the layperson can be the outcome of a long legal dispute for the legal practitioner. This was proven by a seemingly insignificant court case recently in... 17-07-2018

Spain to lead the energy transition in Europe?

Spain has some new hope in terms of climate change with the creation of new Ministry and new Minister of Environment stepping in with "I don't believe coal has much... 03-07-2018

Ex-Nasa scientist: 30 years on, world is failing 'miserably’ to address climate change

“All we’ve done is agree there’s a problem,” Hansen told the Guardian. 19-06-2018

FoE Croatia’s anti-LNG campaign continues despite the adoption of a special law!

In May, our member Croatian NGO Zelena akcija / FoE Croatia filed a lawsuit against Ministry of Environment over LNG terminal. Today the Croatian Parliament has adopted a special... 15-06-2018

Roman Anniversary of the Aarhus Convention

The process leading up to the signing of the Aarhus Convention is already history. This historical moment was recently reenacted when people who are also part of history met... 11-06-2018

Several new possibilities for environmental NGOs open after NGOs’ Act entered into force

Polona Valič, environmental NGO net Plan B for Slovenia Senka Šifkovič-Vrbica, Legal Information Centre for NGOs (Slovenia) 04-06-2018

Assessing environmental impacts on water bodies

Recent comparative legal study carried out by Justice and Environment (J&E) in seven EU Member countries aims to provide evidence of the application of a particular... 31-05-2018