Environmental Liability Directive

Last week we were represented at the 5th ELD STAKEHOLDER CONFERENCE held in Brussels, organized by the European Commission. One of the topics discussed was an analysis being in... 09-10-2017

Transparent Management of Natural Resources

Yesterday, today and tomorrow a number of J&E experts are in Opatija, Croatia, lecturing at a conference organized by Croatian environmental NGOs Eko Pan, Zelena Akcija... 05-10-2017

ESA assessing 'illegal' Norway oil subsidies complaint

The European Free Trade Association Surveillance Authority (ESA) is considering whether to launch a formal investigation into Norwegian state subsidies for oil and gas... 04-10-2017

Thanks for nothing

European Commission's standpoint on access to infringement information should be altered 28-09-2017

ECO Forum statement speaks to all facets of the Aarhus Convention

September 20, 2017  The European ECO Forum, a loose network of more than 80 non-governmental organizations from countries of Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia,... 20-09-2017

European Eco Forum's statement

Read the European Eco Forum's statement on one of the outcomes of the Aarhus Convention MOP6 held in Budva, Montenegro last week. Most notably, the statement is on what we,... 13-09-2017

Report from the Aarhus MOP

The 6th Meeting of Parties to the Aarhus Convention is on, since Monday. The session is historic in many ways e.g. - the EU blocked the adoption of a Compliance Committee... 13-09-2017

J&E goes to Montenegro!

A number of staff members of J&E will represent our network and our respective national organizations in Budva, Montenegro at the upcoming 6th Meeting of the Parties of... 08-09-2017

“Democratic” supergrids

Birgit Schmidhuber, our PCI Topic Leader, talked about super grids to - European Research Media Center. “The common (‘public’) interest is already defined at the... 08-09-2017

IN A NUTSHELL: J&E comments on the Commission's Communication on Access to Justice

Justice and Environment (J&E) welcomes that the Commission has taken an initiative aimed at improving access to justice in environmental matters within the Member States. J&E also... 08-09-2017