News from Croatia: “Srđ is Ours”

J&E Croatia a.k.a. Zelena Akcija - Friends of the Earth Croatia has sent this press release to us: The company „Razvoj golf“ gets a permit for condo-isation, Green Action... 11-12-2017

Our fresh energy newsletter is out as well as the PCI union list

Although, the latter one is not entirely in line for the achievement of the EU’s climate and energy goals. Not only the number of gas projects for the sake of a clean energy... 06-12-2017

PCI list is out and there are finally over 90 projects in it!

Despite European Commission's promise, new list of energy infrastructure ‘projects of common interest’ prioritises climate-wrecking fossil gas. EC claims it is supporting fewer... 28-11-2017

News from Austria: Otter in Lower Austria

J&E Austria aka Ökobüro fights for the proper implementation of Natura 2000 rules Otter in Lower Austria The regional authority issued a permit to shoot otters, as long as... 23-11-2017

News from Slovakia: Hydropower plant on river Hron in Iliaš

J&E Slovakia aka VIA IURIS has been representing several civil associations in the case of the construction of a hydropower plant on river Hron in Iliaš (Central... 21-11-2017

Commission appeals after 5-year glyphosate proposal fails

The European Commission failed on Thursday to muster sufficient backing from national delegates for its proposal to renew the EU licence for the herbicide glyphosate for five... 13-11-2017

France backtracks on nuclear phase-out pledge

The French government has postponed a long-held target to reduce the share of nuclear energy in the country’s power production after grid operator RTE warned it risked supply... 10-11-2017

Fossil fuel projects continuously both politically and financially supported by EU pose threat to climate goals

Fossil fuel projects continuously both politically and financially supported by EU pose threat to climate goals   October 18, 2017    While the... 19-10-2017

EU ‘must block Bayer-Monsanto merger’

The planned takeover of the US agrichemical firm Monsanto by German multinational Bayer is incompatible with EU competition law, according to a study released on Monday by... 17-10-2017

Air Quality in Europe

If you want to know air quality in Europe, here is something for you. The Air quality in Europe report series from the EEA presents regular assessments of Europe's air... 13-10-2017