Legal action to silence our member

About month ago it appeared that developers had taken our member organisation Zelena akcija / FoE Croatia aka Friends of Earth, Croatia to court. Today another member of us... 09-03-2018

March infringement package

Take a look at the recent EU Infringement Package of the Commission and realize that old or new, Member States show non-compliance with EU environmental laws... 08-03-2018

LAC P10 Convention

Everybody should know that these people from TAI made history in the past few days. The adoption of this agreement is equally important for the LAC region as the one of Aarhus... 05-03-2018

On the forefront of broadening access to justice in environmental matters

In less than four hours, the Chairman of the Access to Justice Task Force of the Aarhus Convention will open the 11th meeting in Geneva where intense discussion is expected... 27-02-2018

Harrassment Alert!

Lawsuit threatens to shut down Friends of the Earth Croatia 15-02-2018

EARL project info on IBA website

Justice and Environment is running a project with ClientEarth on access to justice in environmental matters. Now you can read more about its background on the website of the... 14-02-2018

Summer Kern on C-664/15 Protect case: CJEU rules NGOs must have access to justice in water law proceedings.

In a landmark judgment issued on December 20, 2017, the European Court of Justice ruled that environmental NGOs (ENGOs) must have access to justice in water law proceedings.... 07-02-2018

Resurgent wolf is back in Belgium after more than 100 years

The wild wolf has returned for the first time in more than a century to Belgium, which has become the last country in continental Europe to report a sighting of the resurgent... 05-02-2018

Air pollution in Europe

There has been a lot of hassle lately about air pollution in EU with 9 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and UK) having... 02-02-2018

Austria - new government, new environmental policy?

The programme of Austria’s new government could spell trouble for the environment 31-01-2018