We are in the Citta Eterna!

J&E is in Rome, attending the 20th Anniversary event of the Aarhus Convention organized by EEB and the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea. Follow our tweets... 15-05-2018

UN General Assembly Decides to Establish Working Group Aimed at Identifying Gaps in International Environmental Law

The General Assembly adopted a resolution by which it decided to establish a working group to identify gaps in international environmental law, and possibly convene a... 14-05-2018

A genuine right to challenge EU decisions in court

The European Union needs to stand up for environmental democracy and provide access to justice – to ensure respect for the rule of law, to maintain its environmental leadership,... 07-05-2018

Justice & Environment PRESS RELEASE

Complaint to the Commission lodged today as the practice of environmental assessments in member states has proven illegal 02-05-2018

Spain urged to tackle maritime emissions

The environmental impact of international shipping emissions in Spanish coastal areas should spur the government to join EU partners in creating a Mediterranean emissions... 24-04-2018

Slovak non-governmental law organisation VIA IURIS to challenge Regional Court´s decision denying CJEU’s case law on access to justice

VIA IURIS is going to challenge Regional Court´s decision in cassation before the Supreme Court. The decision challenged collides with CJEU´s case law on access to justice,... 16-04-2018

Campaigners slam secrecy over plans to tackle filthy air

Environment commissioner Karmenu Vella revealed on Monday plans to recommend referral to the EU Court of Justice for an unspecified number of the nine countries whose... 04-04-2018

Not everything is waste what looks like it

Straw is not waste but co-product, EU farmers tell Commission 28-03-2018

Years of legal battle ended with granting Austrian NGOs access to justice

by Gregor Schamschula Coordinator - Environmental Law at ÖKOBÜRO / J&E Austria 22-03-2018

Slovakia debates local issues on access to justice

Our members VIA IURIS from Slovakia and EMLA Egyesület from Hungary had recently kick-off meetings of the EC LIFE-programme financed project on access to justice to identify... 15-03-2018