Harrassment Alert!

Lawsuit threatens to shut down Friends of the Earth Croatia 15-02-2018

EARL project info on IBA website

Justice and Environment is running a project with ClientEarth on access to justice in environmental matters. Now you can read more about its background on the website of the... 14-02-2018

Summer Kern on C-664/15 Protect case: CJEU rules NGOs must have access to justice in water law proceedings.

In a landmark judgment issued on December 20, 2017, the European Court of Justice ruled that environmental NGOs (ENGOs) must have access to justice in water law proceedings.... 07-02-2018

Resurgent wolf is back in Belgium after more than 100 years

The wild wolf has returned for the first time in more than a century to Belgium, which has become the last country in continental Europe to report a sighting of the resurgent... 05-02-2018

Air pollution in Europe

There has been a lot of hassle lately about air pollution in EU with 9 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and UK) having... 02-02-2018

Austria - new government, new environmental policy?

The programme of Austria’s new government could spell trouble for the environment 31-01-2018

The Swedish Environmental Court’s NO to the final repository for spent nuclear fuel: a major victory for safety

The Swedish Environmental Court says no to the power industry’s Nuclear Waste Company SKB’s license application for a final repository for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark,... 25-01-2018

EU’s energy project list denounced by unimpressed MEPs

A proposed list of priority energy projects drawn up by the European Commission has come under intense scrutiny by MEPs, some of whom accuse the EU executive of focusing too... 24-01-2018

Breaking news!

Austria files a lawsuit against the EU Commission for allowing Hungary to finance the Paks 2 Nuclear Power Plant extension from state aid. 22-01-2018

Topic Leader Meeting in Vienna

J&E Topic Leaders are in Vienna today to discuss the details of our Annual Work Plan 2018 implementation 17-01-2018