2012-08-31 / J&E steps up for transparency and inclusiveness of EU decision-making

Justice and Environment joins the action of ClientEarth to appeal a decision of the Commission to fight Court of Justice rulings.

The Court of Justice of the EU has recently made two landmark decisions that will change the entire decision-making arena in the EU fundamentally. The essence of the first instance judgments is that the Regulation of the EU 1367/2006 a.k.a. the Aarhus Regulation unlawfully limits the possibilities for civil society to appeal EU decisions to so-called "individual" decisions.

Once final, such judgments would expand the right to remedy of NGOs to conceptual, strategic, general, non-individual EU decisions as well, for instance in which derogation is granted to Member States from meeting certain environmental legal obligations. The importance of these judgments cannot be overestimated.

But the Commission seems not to accept such a scenario, and has appealed the rulings of the Court. ClientEarth, together with J&E believe that this move is a step back on the way to more transparency and inclusiveness, therefore we submitted a request for internal review to the Commission in this matter. Find out more here.

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