J&E receives funding from the Commission again

J&E's 2015 Work Plan receives funding again from the LIFE NGO Grants Scheme. 14-04-2015

We still can't know the data on the air we are breathing!

Justice and Environment appeals again the refusal it received from DG Environment. 05-02-2015

Why can't we know the data on the air we are breathing?

Justice and Environment appeals the refusal it received from DG Environment. 26-01-2015

Yes or No for an Access to Justice Directive?

DG Environment and the Commission still want an Access to Environmental Justice Directive 20-01-2015

J&E frustrated by EU Court judgment limiting access to justice

Justice & Environment is deeply frustrated by the judgement in which the EU Court denied environmental organizations’ access to justice. 16-01-2015

J&E takes the EU to the UN

Justice and Environment decided to take legal action against the EU at the Geneva-based ACCC for not having in place a directive on access to environmental justice. 17-12-2014

EU Court refused J&E application

The General Court of the EU has dismissed the application of Justice and Environment against the PCI list. 28-11-2014

Controversial energy projects – second round with public involved?

This Friday the European Commission organizes an important meeting for the EU energy sector. The second list of “Projects of Common Interest” (PCIs) – the EU’s favourite energy... 20-11-2014

Spotlight on Estonian Environmental Liability: Harku Coastal Pollution Incident and Environmental Law Reform

The current ELD Newsletter edition is dedicated to Estonian ELD problems and legal developments 04-11-2014

3rd ELD Workshop

European Commission organizes the 3rd ELD Stakeholder Workshop 29-10-2014