Climate Action: Ministers approve EU ratification of Paris Agreement

In a historic move, EU ministers on 30 September approved the ratification of the Paris Agreement by the European Union. The decision was reached at an extraordinary meeting... 04-10-2016

Slovakia is the fourth EU country to ratify the Paris Agreement

The Slovak Parliament voted last week to ratify the Paris Agreement, which is the landmark international treaty in the fight against climate change. The agreement seeks to... 26-09-2016

Annual EELF Conference 2016

Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X in Theory and Practice 16-09-2016

EU support for Austrian hydropower plant undermines own rules

While discussions over the permit and environmental impact assessment are ongoing, the European Commission has listed the expansion of the Kaunertal hydropower plant among the key... 01-09-2016

Will anything change?

That is the question. 28-07-2016

Campaign: The Right to Clean Air

Citizens have a right to a healthy environment. As part of this, they have a right to clean air. 11-07-2016

Limited progress in implementation of Projects of Common Interest

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) published its report. 07-07-2016

The Pan-European Electricity Grid is expanding!

And now you can have a say! 28-06-2016

Read the concluding statements of the meeting of three networks

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), Guta Association (GUTA) and Justice and Environment (J&E) met in Ukraine lately. 23-06-2016

J&E statement on access to justice delivered to UNECE

J&E was participating at the Access to Justice Task Force Meeting of the UNECE Aarhus Convention in Geneva on 13 and 14 June. We spoke about our efforts made at the EU level... 16-06-2016