Lead in Paint Report by UNEP

Read it, spread it, use it! 25-05-2016

April infringement package

Well, well, the April infringement package of the Commission demonstrates again that the most populated subset of topics is still the environmental. Which means the environmental... 04-05-2016

Successes of J&E Slovakia at Court

Read about the stories concerning legal cases where VIA IURIS (J&E Slovakia) represented the public and civil associations defending their environment. 26-04-2016

ENDS Europe quotes J&E

ENDS Europe quotes J&E in its article about how Member States ‘misinterpret’ Environmental Liability Directive according to the findings of the respective REFIT report. 20-04-2016


The Goldman Environmental Prize Winner for 2016 in Europe is Zuzana Caputova, lawyer of Via Iuris. 18-04-2016

Recent judgment by the EU Court in a Natura 2000 issue

According to the Court's judgment delivered in the Case C-399/14, if a plan or project affects a Natura 2000 site, there may be circumstances that make a subsequent... 14-04-2016

Expanding mines, breached rights

The Romanian Government passed in December 2015 a Decision to expropriate an entire village in order to expand the Jilt Nord mine. 30-03-2016

J&E is growing!

Now J&E has a member from Bulgaria! 22-03-2016

PCIs: a constant source of controversies

While a new study suggests that new gas pipelines are no solutions for the energy problems of Europe, the European Commission approves an agreement between Greece and TAP allowing... 08-03-2016

Expert analysis confirms Croatian Plomin C coal plant is economically unfeasible

Responding to the lack of official economic data for Croatia's Plomin C coal project, a new analysis finds that the project is highly risky. 03-03-2016