Have you ever heard of Projects of Common Interest? No?

So how about Proyectos de Interés Común? Or Projekte von Gemeininteresse? Or Projekty Wspólnego Zainteresowania? Or Európai Érdekű Projektek? Or Ühishuviprojektid? 03-09-2015

Environmental defenders in Slovenia

A new way to help protecting nature 03-09-2015

Raising awareness on environmental democracy in Estonia

A new guide on access to information and access to decision-making in matters concerning the environment 03-09-2015

Individuals gained access to justice in air pollution cases

A landmark decision of the Austrian court 27-08-2015

No more playing with toxics on a red mud pond in Hungary

A company in Western Hungary called Tatai Co. was refused a permit application by the regional Environmental Protection Agency for its hazardous waste treatment site. 05-08-2015

The Austrian Environmental Information Act about to be amended

J&E member ÖKOBÜRO contributed to the improvement of access to justice in Austria. 24-07-2015

Another step back for transparency in Hungary

New Government efforts to limit freedom of information 22-07-2015

Lafarge Cement Industry in Slovenia

Lafarge Cement Industry's IPPC permit issued by the Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning was annulled by the Court in a procedure initiatied by NGOs PIC and... 20-07-2015

Austrian citizens can demand their right to clean air

In its decision published at the end of June 2015, the Highest Administrative Court of Austria ( granted an Austrian family the right to call for measures... 14-07-2015

Vattenfall against Germany

Can a company get money from Germany for pulling out of nuclear energy? 09-07-2015