Landmark judgment of an Austrian Court

Austrian Federal Administrative Court denies third landing strip of Vienna airport due to climate change concerns 15-03-2017

Environmental liability

MEP calls for state liability for environmental damage 09-03-2017

Debate over EU Energy Infrastructure Policy

Come and let your voice heard in a debate over EU Energy Infrastructure Policy! 08-03-2017

Member States meet the requirements of the TEN-E Regulation only partly

A new study released by Justice and Environment today highlights that in order to ensure proper implementation of the TEN-E Regulation, particularly the areas of enforcement,... 07-03-2017

Brave new atomic future

Despite the fact that the financing of the new NPP reactors in Paks (Hungary) will massively involve state aid, the Commission will raise no objections.... 06-03-2017

Diverse news from Hungary

A light of hope for the survival or the lesser mole rat. While the population of this highly rare species was heavily decimated by the intrusion into its habitat, mostly by... 03-03-2017

Mid-term evaluation of the CEF

Yesterday 10 NGOs submitted a joint letter to DG Mobility on the mid-term evaluation of the Connecting Europe Facility... 01-03-2017


Our sister network of environmental lawyers is having its Annual Meeting these days in Eugene, Oregon. Many of J&E members are also there, including J&E Hungary (EMLA)... 01-03-2017

Natura2000 needs better management, financing and monitoring

European Court of Auditors report says #Natura2000 needs better management, financing and monitoring. More adequate assessment of projects impacting on Natura2000 sites is... 24-02-2017

Commission to reconsider Natura 2000 funding

Brussels will consider new indicators to measure whether EU funds for Natura 2000 sites improve conservation after EU auditors found fault with countries' management of the... 23-02-2017