Individuals gained access to justice in air pollution cases

A landmark decision of the Austrian court 27-08-2015

No more playing with toxics on a red mud pond in Hungary

A company in Western Hungary called Tatai Co. was refused a permit application by the regional Environmental Protection Agency for its hazardous waste treatment site. 05-08-2015

The Austrian Environmental Information Act about to be amended

J&E member ÖKOBÜRO contributed to the improvement of access to justice in Austria. 24-07-2015

Another step back for transparency in Hungary

New Government efforts to limit freedom of information 22-07-2015

Lafarge Cement Industry in Slovenia

Lafarge Cement Industry's IPPC permit issued by the Slovenian Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning was annulled by the Court in a procedure initiatied by NGOs PIC and... 20-07-2015

Austrian citizens can demand their right to clean air

In its decision published at the end of June 2015, the Highest Administrative Court of Austria ( granted an Austrian family the right to call for measures... 14-07-2015

Vattenfall against Germany

Can a company get money from Germany for pulling out of nuclear energy? 09-07-2015

Czech Highway Case: victory wrapped in failure

The Czech Constitutional Court issued a ruling in one of the most famous environmental cases in the Czech Republic concerning the permitting of the D8 Highway. 16-06-2015

Report on how we fight for a more transparent EU

A report on what J&E did in order to achieve more transparency in the EU institutions is now online. 22-05-2015

J&E takes legal steps against the EU

Justice & Environment takes legal steps against the EU for not adopting a directive on access to environmental justice. 15-05-2015