VIA IURIS was established in 1993 and as a civil society organization, our conduct is strictly non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-partisan. As an expert legal organization, we use the law as instrument of justice. We bring systemic solutions and promote equal application of law for all.

Our mission is to promote effective public participation in decision and policy making and systemic measures to strengthen the independence of courts, public prosecution and police.

We use mostly legal tools to fulfil our mission. We litigate strategic cases of major public interest, propose and advocate for improved legislation, provide citizens with legal assistance, prepare legal analyses and organize international conferences.


Responsibilities in the project:

  • Consultations with key stakeholders to identify current obstacles to effective access to justice in the environmental field;
  • Legal analysis of national legislation and case law ;
  • Compilation of national guidelines for access to justice in environmental matters for stakeholders;
  • Workshops on access to justice in the field of environmental matters with the focus on EU and national legislation and case law, the problems in national legal practice and their possible solutions.

Team of the project:

Imrich Vozár, Lawyer,

Ivana Figuli, Project Assistant and Coordinator,