The law is a fundamental tool in the protection of our the environment. However, in order to guarantee this, it is necessary that its application and use is continually monitored — By not doing so, the destruction of our environment is sure to continue.  Thus, over two decades ago, a group of legal and environmental-law professionals formed the International Institute for Law and the Environment to respond directly to this necessity.

IIDMA designs and launches its own projects as well as attends to the requests from public and private institutions and organizations requiring support in environmental law and policies.

IIDMA is a member of Justice and Environment.

Webpage: www.iidma.org

Responsibilities in the project:

  • Consultations with key stakeholders to identify current obstacles to effective access to justice in the environmental field;
  • Legal analysis of national legislation and case law ;
  • Compilation of national guidelines for access to justice in environmental matters for stakeholders;
  • Workshops on access to justice in the field of environmental matters with the focus on EU and national legislation and case law, the problems in national legal practice and their possible solutions.

Team of the project:

Ana Barreira, ana.barreira(at)iidma.org

Alba Iranzo, alba.iranzo(at)iidma.org