J&E was established in 2003 during the enlargement process of European Union. Justice & Environment (J&E) is a European Network of Environmental Law Organisations. Currently J&E has 13 member organizations (MO) in total from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain. All MOs are either entirely focused on environmental law or it is one of their focuses. J&E lawyers are seasoned environmental law experts, experienced within their national legal systems, familiar with challenges faced by their respective communities and well aware of the EU legal framework. Its membership base allows J&E to bridge EU and national issues of environmental law and participation. Patterned on this, J&E analyses the EU system of participation in environmental matters, mainly in a form of comparative legal studies and proposes policy improvements / recommendations to decision-makers. Access to justice in environmental matters is one of J&E’s major focus areas.

Webpage: www.justiceandenvironment.org

Responsibilities in the project:

J&E acts as a coordinating beneficiary, taking care of the project’s day-to-day management of the project’s activities, incl reporting, financial management and providing legal expertise through its affiliates participating in the project. Affiliates of J&E will be in charge of national level activities in Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

  • Consultations with key stakeholders to identify current obstacles to effective access to justice in the environmental field;
  • Legal analysis of national legislation and case law ;
  • Compilation of national guidelines for access to justice in environmental matters for stakeholders;
  • Workshops on access to justice in the field of environmental matters with the focus on EU and national legislation and case law, the problems in national legal practice and their possible solutions.

Team of the project:

Csaba Kiss, Coordinator, info(at)justiceandenvironment.org, phone +361 322 8462

Lubica Mockova, Financial Manager, finance(at)justiceandenvironment.org, phone + 420 774 130 730

Katre Liiv, Communications, communications@justiceandenvironment.org, phone +372 50 76519