To achieve the aim and objectives of the project Education and Awareness Raising of Legal Professionals on Access to Justice which is a communications and raising awareness project, focusing on improving implementation and enforcement of EU law via promoting access to justice, the participating organisations in 8 countries carry out four main activities:

  • Legal analysis of the main sources of interpretation of the access to justice rights in environmental matters.
  • Development and dissemination of awareness-raising materials for the judiciary, bodies responsible for the administration of justice, public administrations, and public interest lawyers, eg a handbook on access to justice provisions in EU law and the Aarhus Convention and toolkits on access to justice issues in target Member States.
  • Preparation and delivery of training on access to justice in the field of environment.
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing between and within target audience and stakeholder groups on access to justice.

In addition project activities include communication activities, project management and coordination. The project team will also monitor the impact of the project’s activities on the target audience - the judiciary, public interest lawyers, bodies responsible for the administration of justice, public administration bodies.

Activities continued after the end of the project will be maintaining the availability of electronic materials, updating of the electronic materials and further awareness-raising and capacity-building of the target audiences. At the latest stages as well as partly after the project, the deliverables and lessons of the project will be actively disseminated to several stakeholders who can make best use of them, eg the European Commission, NGO community and audiencies outside the project countries.